Did You Know?

The Missouri Kansas Laborers District Council and YOUR contractor association have partnered to adopt a drug and alcohol testing program to promote a safer working environment.

A Missouri construction contractor with 20 employees can expect to spend a little more than $8,000/year in costs related to substance abuse.

The construction industry has nearly twice the rates of substance and alcohol use disorders than the national average.

MKLDC Substance Abuse Consortium

Your substance abuse testing and assistance program!


  • Apprentice pre-employment testing
  • Random/Periodic testing
  • Post-accident and Reasonable Suspicion Testing


  • All contractors signatory with Missouri Kansas Laborers District Council agreements


  • Register with CDSServices, Inc.
  • Designate a company representative
  • Fax completed forms to 314-645-6767


  • 200 Collection Facilities
  • Office & Job site Collections

Once registered, your designated representative will have access to a wealth of information on the CDS website including details on the policy & procedures manual, approved collection facilities, and much more

MKLDC Substance Abuse Program

The Missouri Kansas Laborers District Council (MKLDC) negotiated an area-wide substance abuse testing and assistance program effective October 1, 2010 for all MKLDC members. Contractors signatory to the participating agreement are currently contributing 3 cents per hour to fund this program, which pays for the cost of testing and collection.

The purpose of this program is to provide a drug-free workplace for every employee covered under the participating agreements and to provide the opportunity for treatment for any MKLDC employee who needs assistance due to a drug and/or alcohol problem. The MKLDC Policy provides for Apprentice Pre-Employment testing, Random/Periodic testing, Post-Accident and Reasonable Suspicion Testing. 

CDS Services, Inc. (CDS) administers the substance abuse testing policy. Signatory contractors play a key role in the testing program. As such, all contractors signatory to the participating agreements are required to register with CDS, as well as, designate appropriate representatives, known as Communicators, who will be notified of employees that have been randomly selected for testing and provided employees’ current eligibility status. A minimum of two individuals within your company should be designated as communicators.

Click here for the Employer/Union Registration form; and for the Communicator Authorization and Setup form, which must be completed by each Communicator. Please complete these forms and return the completed forms to CDS via fax at 314-645-6767.  Upon receipt of the completed forms, CDS will provide the Communicators with their secure access codes and mail you chain-of-custody forms unique to this program to have your MKLDC employees tested. Communicators should receive their secure access codes within a couple of days.

Once you have registered, a wealth of information will be available to you on the CDS website including the Substance Abuse Testing and Assistance Policy, Exhibits, Procedures Manual, Approved Collection Facilities and Communicator Training.

The on-line Communicator Training is free of charge. The full version of the Training incudes a Power Point presentation and a Website video. This Training takes approximately three (3) hours to complete and can be completed at the Communicator’s own pace. The Website video training takes approximately fifteen (15) minutes to complete. If the Communicator is familiar with substance abuse testing, the Website video training should be sufficient training.

There are approximately two hundred (200) collection facilities for Communicators to send their MKLDC employees for testing. These collection facilities are available on the CDS Website. CDS’ certified collectors can also provide on-site collections at the Communicator’s office or job site. 

If you have any questions, please contact CDS at 314-645-5577 or by e-mail at info@cdsonsite.com.

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